Chapter two - New(ish) Technologies

Aug 2020 – Sep 2021
inBlue, DigiSUS, M4P
Manatus Technology Solutions

Driving Advancement: My Journey at Manatus Technology Solutions

Diving into the next chapter of my career, I embarked on a transformative journey with Manatus Technology Solutions. This phase marked an evolution from a proficient developer to a pivotal contributor, spearheading critical projects and showcasing adept leadership.

Leadership Role: Empowering Business Administration Web App

At the helm of the development team, I assumed leadership for a web application aimed at business administration (M4P), meticulously crafted using ReactJS. Beyond fulfilling the responsibilities of frontend development, my role extended to coordinating and mentoring team members. This entailed task management, ensuring code quality, and fostering seamless communication between the team and stakeholders.

Crafting Financial Control Web App: Backend Mastery

Undertaking the backend development of a financial control web application utilizing NodeJS and VueJS, I led the inception of the system. Guiding its evolution from the ground up, my involvement encompassed architectural design, database structuring, and API integration. Currently, this project is on the brink of launch under the aegis of the company itself.

Mobile App Maintenance and Enhancement: DIGISUS

An integral part of my tenure involved the maintenance and bug fixes for a mobile application named DIGISUS, powered by NodeJS and React Native. Our client in this endeavor was none other than the Brazilian health agency. This experience honed my ability to troubleshoot, enhance, and ensure the optimal functionality of a mission-critical app.

Continuous Learning: Exploring Novel Technologies

A hallmark of this period was a relentless pursuit of new knowledge. This manifested as a dedicated focus on acquiring proficiency in emerging technologies. My endeavors encompassed mastering ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, and delving into databases like MongoDB and Postgres. This commitment to continuous learning expanded my skill set and enriched my contributions to ongoing and upcoming projects.

A Phase of Evolution: Reflecting on Manatus

My time at Manatus Technology Solutions was an era of substantial growth. From steering development teams to pioneering critical applications, each endeavor etched a distinctive mark on my professional trajectory. As I conclude this chapter, I do so with a profound appreciation for the learning, accomplishments, and challenges that sculpted my journey. With the experience garnered, I eagerly embrace new realms of possibility, eager to make a lasting impact in the realm of technology.